GoalShot Football Training Practice Gate Sklz Net Soccer Kick Trainer

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Model: Futsal goals, 7-a-side goals, Full size goals
Futsal goals: 295x180cm/10x7ft
7-a-side goals: 495x180cm/16x7ft
Full size goals: 720x230cm/24x8ft
FOUR ZONE TARGET SHEETS – These top of the range soccer goal targets have been designed to isolate the four main scoring zones of the goal. Aim for the top and bottom corners to improve your shooting accuracy.
QUICK AND EASY TO ATTACH – Designed with high-strength loop and pin straps which wrap around the goal posts with ease, the professional soccer goal target sheets provide reliable security and shape retention.
ALL-WEATHER MESH MATERIALS – Made from high quality Air Mesh materials, the pro soccer targets won’t lose their position during gusts of wind and downpours, providing year round shooting accuracy practice.
SET-PIECE AND OPEN PLAY PRACTICE – Learn how to score from anywhere on the pitch with these versatile target sheets for soccer. Their design makes them suitable for free-kick, penalties, short range and long-range shooting.
CHOOSE YOUR SIZE – These target goal comes in a range of 3 sizes, making them suitable for mini-soccer, futsal, junior and senior teams strikers training drills.
Package Included:
1 x Football Training Goal & Accessories

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